Thursday, May 06, 2004
Iím in the new Tyler Tharpe horror flick!

I never thought I'd appear in front of the camera in my lifetime, let alone be in a movie. But I'm in the new Tyler Tharpe horror flick that's due out in 2005. (It's currently untitled.)

I'm friends with one of the lead actresses and she called me up and asked if I wanted to be an extra. They're filming just five miles from where I live (Auburn, IN) in town called Waterloo. The farm they're using for a lot of scenes is the farm where my dad grew up when he was a young boy. How's that for fate?

I was in three scenes as an extra, a factory worker. And I was in a close-up scene with my friend, Linda McCormick.

I just got an email from the director. He wants me this Saturday for the finale. I'm going to be one of the "affected" factory workers who gets "injured." I have to get there early to get into some special effects makeup.

Tyler Tharpe had a movie out last year, FREAK, which got some decent praise in Fangoria. I'm really psyched to be working with him! And the Director of Photography was the cinematographer for IN THE COMPANY OF MEN, a movie that shot locally years ago which launched Neil LaBute's career.

All of my roommates in college were theatre majors. I used to rehearse lines with them all the time--and learn accents, various techniques, play the piano for their auditions, etc. Never thought I'd actually USE this acting stuff!

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